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Gasket Sealing
Hi, is there a generally accepted standard when it comes to using or not using gasket sealants?  I bought one of your gasket kits and wonder if/when to use sealant (and what type) on the various paper, cork, rubber, and metal (valley pan) gaskets in the kit.

Hi Jeff,

There is, and that is that no sealant should be used unless the repair manual calls for it to be applied to the engine in specific locations. Even then, the sealant is being applied to the engine castings in specific locations, not the gaskets themselves.

In almost every circumstance, Fel-Pro gaskets are to be installed clean and dry with no sealants or adhesives applied to the gaskets. If a sealant or adhesive is required to be used on a component we provide, there will be a FIT (Fel-Pro Installation Tips) Form stating what components require sealant. If no FIT form is included and for any gaskets not called out on a FIT Form, install them clean and dry without the use of sealant.

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