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chrysler bb head gaskets
What is the difference between 1039 and 1105 head gaskets and would an mls gasket be better for 4.5 bore wedge Chrysler alum block and heads alky motor non blown ? thanks paul p&b performance
Hi Paul,

You can see the differences between the gaskets here:



The specs are similar in that they both have a 4.590" bore, are .051" thick, and are both steel core composite gaskets with a pre-flattened steel ring under the combustion armors. They are shaped quite differently though, as you'll notice, and you'll have to choose the one that matches your application.

Our MLS Performance gaskets offer the ultimate solution for performance engine sealing. the multiple layers of full-hard stainless steel provide a strong combustion seal while the embossments help minimize the effects of head lift. If the gasket specs match the needs of the application and the sealing surface finish of the heads and the block are suitable for MLS gaskets, we would pick MLS gaskets every time.

In your situation, MLS would be ideal except that the bore size is a bit on the small end. 26516-052 is .052" thick, however, the bore size is 4.525". We usually recommend trying to find a gasket with a bore size about .040" larger than the cylinder bore, as this leaves about .020" al around the cylinder and usually factors in nicely with quench area calculations. You may be able to use them still, but you'd want to run some calculations to ensure they will suit the needs of the engine and you won't have any interference or other issues.

You can find all of the Performance gaskets we offer, along with pictures, specs, and more information by looking up the application you're working with in our online catalog here:

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