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1968 Ford 302 intake gasket
Hello, I purchased Fel-Pro gasket set HS 8548 PT-7 for this '68 Ford 302.  The intake gasket nos. are 90103-1 with no markings.

I can tell which is front and back by configuration of openings, but I'm not sure which face to put against head.  Each opening has a distinct ridge side and valley side on the gasket.  Hoping you can tell me correct placement of these valleys and ridges.   Also, this is marine app and hoping these are correct gaskets.  Thank you.
Hi Wilson,

We saw our other post as well and as we mentioned there, HS 8548 PT-7 is not a valid Fel-Pro part number. It may have been at one time, and may now be discontinued. We will look into that.

We call the ridges you're referring to embossments. These embossments create sealing load on both sides of the gasket, so it does not matter which way they face. If a gasket needs to face a certain direction, it will be marked on the gasket.

The MS 90103-1 intake gaskets have a steel core and I do not see any notes specifying if they are suitable for marine use or not. I will have to ask the product engineers their thoughts on this as the core would potentially be deteriorated by the oper water cooling system, even in freshwater applications.

For a Marine applicaiton, you should be using gasket set 17260 if the engine uses stamped steel valve covers or 17261 if the engine uses cast aluminum valve covers. Passenger automobile head sets and the gaskets in them vary in materials used as the marine environment introduces specific challenges not seen in automotive applications.

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