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HS 8699 PT-6 head set
Hi. I was lucky enough to buy a 1989 Trooper 2.8L a couple of years ago, and the seller gave me the entire, brand new Fel-Pro gasket kit with it... during the last 2 months, this set has come handy. However, now I need to replace the exhaust gasket, but my mechanic is a bit escheptical about it, since the material seems to be merely coated paper and he expects it to be metal mesh... This must read stupid, but I just want your assurance that the gaskets provided with the kit are the right ones and ready to install...

Is there anything else he needs to do before replacing them?
Hi Ruben,

Sounds like a fun project!

We do have some high-temperature composite materials (they may resemble paper but they're bit more complex than that!) that can be used for exhaust gaskets.

Many engines do not come with an exhaust manifold gasket from the factory. This is because when the sealing surfaces are new and flat, they seal up just fine. We provide gaskets because after the manifold has been heat-cycled, the sealing surface may no longer be flat and smooth.

However, the exhaust manifold gaskets we currently list for this application are perforated metal facing gaskets. You can see them here:

I am not sure if an earlier version of this gasket set came with composite gaskets or not.

Either way, if they are genuine Fel-Pro exhaust manifold gaskets they should be fine to install.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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