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Rubber cellulose ok enough for gas?
Need material for a mower carburetor gasket.  Auto parts store sold me 3075..rubber cellulose sheet.  I asked if it could be used for fiel and was told yep.  On this site, I see..its not recommended for fuel.  Ok, maybe not the best choice, but for a mower used in hour at a time, will it get me by? Or was the auto parts kid faking his knowledge?
Hi Dave,

The rubber cellulose material will not hold up to exposure to gasoline, even if your mower requires ethanol-free fuel. It is not designed to seal fuel systems and will deteriorate quickly. It would be very likely that it would clog the jet and cause other damage to the carburetor.

Karropak is the material you need. 3047 is the part number for a 1/16" thick, 12" x 36" sheet (the closest size and thickness we offer to 3075).

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