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3.4 lower intake cracked during install. Can I reuse the new gaskets.
While installing the new lower intake gaskets on my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am the lower intake cracked. I got some bad information and over torqued them. Took them to 18 foot pounds. Long story short sourced a new intake and I'm ready to install it. With the new gasket set is it okay to reuse it? I know the upper intake gaskets will need to be replaced but with all the rubber in the lower intake will they be okay? I used a MIK98003T kit.
Hi Nick,

You've got it! The upper gaskets are composite and will be overcompressed, so they need to be replaced.

The lower gaskets will be fine, the rubber will not have taken a compression set. You can reuse them in this case because they were not torqued for an extended period of time and the gasket construction is different than composite or coated gaskets.
(01-10-2019, 12:19 AM) Wrote: THANKS!!!

You're welcome, good luck with your repair!

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