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Choosing the right head gasket
I was looking for some help in finding the right head gasket for my motor. I'm building a sbc 383 stroker with flat top pistons and aluminum AFR Eliminator 195cc race heads. Stock deck height. I will be running up to a 200 shot of nitrous once motor is broke in good. Thank you in advance!
Hi Jake,

If this were just going to be an n/a engine our recommendation would be our 1003 Performance composite gaskets.

With the 200 shot of nitrous, you're going to be fighting head lift. MLS gaskets are your best bet for that, but are going to require the surface finish heads and block to be 60 Ra or smoother.

Side note: We're going to move this post to the Performance Head Gaskets section on 1/12, but we'll leave it here for now so you can find it easily.

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