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Mopar 318 rear main seal wings & oil pan gasket
Hi, I am rebuilding the 318 4bbl engine of my 88 Plymouth Gran Fury using the Fel-Pro Engine Gasket Kit #KS2114.

The rope style rear main seal has been replaced with the 2 piece rubber seal supplied (should be #BS40245 if purchased individually). Now I would like to put everything together, including the oil plan gasket (should be #OS6566C2 if purchased individually).

The instructions don't say that I have to modify anything, but it doesn't look right. Do I have to cut the ears / wings of the rear main seal or cut a gap into the cork gasket? Or will fit wings, plaine cork and rubber arch oil pan gasket together?
The rope seal had some extra rubber wings attachted, but I don't recall the shape of the oil pan gasket which tore apart at dismantling.

This is how it looked before:

[Image: felpro1.jpg]

[Image: felpro2.jpg]

New gaskets installed:

[Image: felpro3.jpg]

[Image: felpro4.jpg]

[Image: felpro5.jpg]

Hi Hendrick,

Thank you for the excellent pictures!

All you need to do is trim the wing tips flush with the rear main bearing cap so that the oil pan gasket can sit flat. A dab of RTV should be applied to the joint where the rear main bearing cap meets the block (which is also where the pieces of the oil pan gasket meet. A dab of RTV in these areas will help seal the gaps without causing the gaskets to slip out of place.
Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it very much!
(01-11-2019, 05:08 PM) Wrote: Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it very much!

You're welcome, good luck with your repair!

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