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Torque for VS50293R silicone gaskets
Engine: 1995 Chevrolet LT1 5.7L installed in a 1981 Chevy Caprice Classic
Valve covers: Cast aluminum with 4 through-bolts along centerline
Gaskets: Fel-Pro VS50293R

About a month ago, I replaced my 15-yr old leaky cork valve cover gaskets with the Fel-Pro VS50293R blue silicone ones. I torqued to 105 in-lb as recommended by the LT1 service manual, but psngr side still leaked at the lower rear corner. Leak was enough to drip onto exhaust. A week later,  I removed the gasket, carefully inspected it, cleaned everything and re-installed it. This time I tried torquing to only 80 in-lb. It still leaks. All surfaces were pristine and gaskets were installed dry (no adhesive or sealant). The driver side is holding tight, only psngr side giving me grief.

What is the recommended torque for these gaskets installed with cast covers and 4 centerline bolts? Please help!

Greg M

[email address removed to protect privacy]
Hi Greg,

The torque spec listed in the repair manual is what you'll want to use. Did you check the covers with a straight edge to make sure the cover and the sealing surfaces are completely flat?

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