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Marine head gasket sealing
I have a 454 marine engine that i found a small crack from water jacket hole to oil galley edge. The crack is 1/4 " wide on sealing surface and on one side of crack it is .003 lower than the other side measured with a straight edge and feeler gauge, .004 would not go under straight edge.

The gasket I removed was a Felpro 17040 and sealed the uneven surface and did not leak. I ordered the top end kit # 17240 to replace the head,Now I am wondering if a small drop of JB weld on low side of crack leveled off with straight edge and let cure for 24 hours would be a good idea,or just put the new gasket on like the old one? How much of a uneven surface around a water jacket hole can the head gasket in Kit # 17240 seal?    I need to make up .003 for a 1/4 inch. Thanks

We strongly recommend repairing the crack - no reason to make the gasket's job any harder. The crack could spread over time with heat cycling as well, so while JB weld smoothed out with a straight blade will give you an even sealing surface, the metal underneath may still be at risk for further cracking.

On a side note, we will be moving this post to the Marine Engine Sealing section on January 9th, 2019. We'll leave it here for now so you can find it where you left it.

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