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Oil Pan gasket no instructions

I am in the process of replacing a leaking oil pan gasket with a new Fel Pro OS 30712 R blue gasket.  The gasket came with no instructions. I know I need sealant at LEAST between the timing cover and block, but where else and exactly how and where to apply sealant?  Also, any tips on bolt torquing, etc?  I have factory recommendations.

2002 Ford Taurus 3.0 OHV vin U.
Hi Mike,

There is not FIT (Fel-Pro Installation Tips) form included with this set because the installation procedure is exactly the same as the procedure outlined by the repair manual. We cannot reprint the repair manual instructions as they are copyright-protected.

Sealant should be used in the locations outlined by the repair manual. in general, this is going to be wherever there is a joint formed in a sealing surface by components coming together (e.g. the joints where the timing cover meets the block, where the rear main bearing cap meets the block). Typically, only a dab of sealant is needed in these locations.

Follow the factory torque specs and sequence (if a sequence is given). If no sequence is given, start in the middle and work your way out. We recommend working your way up to the final torque spec in 2 or 3 even steps. This helps make sure the gasket is evenly compressed and the flange of the oil pan doesn't get warped.

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