FelPro.com looks back at its popular forum posts and helpful threads for 2016. What are technicians asking about most when it comes to sealing repair?


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Here they are in reverse order:

5. Head gasket which side up – What’s right when everything looks symmetrical?


4. Which gasket to use – Fel-Pro gaskets vs competitive designs.


3. Ford 6.0L MLS Fel-Pro head gasket – The Power Stroke head gasket: Fel-Pro testing, validation and manufacturing.


2. 5.3L rear main seal – Which way the RMB seal faces when installed, and techniques on installing PTFE seals.


1. Fel-Pro technical forum rules and FAQs – Review the guidelines for posting questions, as well as answers to our most frequently asked questions.


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John Gurnig, Senior Field Test Technician and Head of the Fel-Pro Field test garage in Skokie, Illinois provides answers and insight to many of the questions asked on our forum