Marine engines face the same maintenance issues their automotive counterparts do, but four factors make their maintenance even more critical:

  • They run hotter due to less airflow over the engine (they typically reside in closed locations).
  • They are typically higher horsepower and/or performance-oriented.
  • They experience more severe wear due to their always running under load – boats never “coast.”
  • They are more susceptible to corrosion due to salt water cooling.

Fel-Pro® is the undisputed leader in marine gaskets because of our ability to take on these difficult challenges and deliver a lasting seal.

It is not uncommon for marine engines to require repair. Cylinder heads may crack due to marine engines running hot and experiencing cooling issues. And while some of these engines are replaced with a rebuilt unit, many are indeed rebuilt by local machine shops, resulting in a sales opportunity for the local parts store.


Also, like automotive engines, marine engines can develop leaks. Worse, these leaks are potentially dangerous since fluids leaking from a marine can make their way into the boat’s hull rather than dripping onto the ground as an automotive leak would.


Fel-Pro gaskets give rebuilders and technicians the proven gasket technology they can trust to deal with these issues successfully for their marine engine customers.

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