Chronic leaks from the valve cover, oil pan, timing cover, and other locations can be a headache for vehicle owners and technicians alike. Since leak repair is inherently problematic, it requires a wide variety of application-specific materials. Fel-Pro® offers the best technology across every leak repair gasket and addresses the sealing problems unique to the repair environment.

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Fel-Pro leak repair gaskets take the hassle out of leak repair. They’re engineered to address unique characteristics of each application, plus they come with instructions and installation aids when needed.

These problem-solving gaskets feature proprietary advances created specifically for the aftermarket repair environment, including:

  • One-piece, molded silicone rubber construction provides superior
    blow-out resistance
  • Lasts up to five times longer than competitive cork-rubber products
  • Precision sealing beads reinforce critical areas
  • Superior heat resistance for longer life
  • Time-saving rigid carrier system provides an instant fit and perfect alignment
  • Torque limiters prevent over-tightening

These premium molded rubber gaskets are for applications originally equipped with molded rubber gaskets.
Advantages include:

  • Precision designed for perfect amount of “squeeze”
  • Molded-in metal stops or grommets to prevent overtorquing
  • One-piece design eliminates hassle, reduces potential for errors
Fel-Pro benefits from the world-class R&D and engineering capabilities of Federal-Mogul. These capabilities have produced the leading edge sealing solutions and innovations found in many Fel-Pro gaskets. Some of those innovations and technologies are:

  • Edge-molded gaskets
  • Encapsulated carrier gaskets
  • Liquid elastomer molded (LEM) gaskets
When you specify Fel-Pro, you can be sure that you’re receiving the latest and best technology for that repair. Lines that simply offer a narrow range of materials or use one type of material across all applications can open the door to potential failure issues or compromise sealing efficiency and durability in certain applications.
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