Fel-Pro® Brand Unveils Exclusive High-Temperature Alloy Turbocharger Gaskets for Racing Engines

Gaskets Featuring Award-Winning HTA Material Now Available for T3, T4 and T5/6 Turbos


Southfield, Mich., February 16, 2017…Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ Fel-Pro® Gaskets brand now offers an exclusive line of performance turbocharger gaskets engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered in high-end racing engines. Federal-Mogul Motorparts is a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation.


Available for use with T3, T4 and T5/6 turbos, the new Fel-Pro HTAgaskets feature Federal-Mogul’s award-winning High Temperature Alloy and proprietary coating, which can withstand temperatures of up to 1,600 degrees F. Conventional turbocharger gaskets can be susceptible to failure in high-output racing applications as a result of extreme temperatures, pressure, vibration and thermally induced casting motion.


“A growing number of racing teams have discovered that a part as seemingly uncomplicated as a turbo gasket can undermine the performance of their engines in critical situations,” said Ron Rotunno, performance products manager for the Fel-Pro brand. “Once the material in a conventional gasket becomes compromised, the engine is likely to create less power as a result of an exhaust leak.”


In addition to the temperature-resistant HTA alloy and coating, each Fel-Pro HTA gasket features an emboss bead that acts as a spring to maintain sealing contact stress under virtually all operating conditions. The gaskets’ high-temperature coating also helps ensure superior micro-sealing against a broad range of casting finishes.


The following Fel-Pro HTA gaskets are now available from leading performance parts providers:

Fel-Pro #2015             T3 turbos

Fel-Pro #2016             T4 turbos

Fel-Pro #2017             T5/6 turbos



For more information regarding Fel-Pro performance gaskets and related products, please contact your performance parts supplier and visit www.FelPro.com.

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