Because exhaust system replacement gaskets aren’t installed onto pristine surfaces in a factory setting, but onto imperfect surfaces in the repair environment, they must not only withstand heat and motion, they must also compensate for corrosion, pitting and warping. Combining years of aftermarket experience and advanced engineering expertise, Fel-Pro offers the ideal replacement gaskets through differentiated materials and product designs that address the unique demands and operating environments of each exhaust system repair part.

Exhaust System

Exhaust System gaskets eliminate noise, keep hot exhaust gases from entering the vehicle and also help maintain proper pressure in the system. When they fail, driveability as well as safety can be compromised. The vehicle may also fail an emissions test.



Fel-Pro® offers exhaust system solutions for effectively resealing these joints and surfaces, and overcoming the heat and motion that cause gaskets to fail. Fel-Pro gaskets and
sealing products include:

Exhaust Gaskets

Thermal expansion and contraction of the exhaust system can fatigue exhaust flange bolt springs and cause exhaust leaks. Reused, worn bolts can cause possible failure during assembly. Fel-Pro offers exhaust flange bolt & spring kits to ensure a tight exhaust flange seal at the pipe joint.




  • Graphite-faced steel core gaskets
    (flange to flange connection)
  • Flexible, expanded graphite packing
    gaskets (pipe to manifold connection)
  • Embossed steel or MLS
    with graphite in center
  • Stainless steel armors
  • Metallic gasket facings
  • Fel-Ramic® material for resealing high temp applications


Technical Note

In some applications, a drilled hole in the EGR gasket is used to meter EGR flow. It’s critical therefore that this hole be sized exactly to spec. Trust Fel-Pro to have the correct size metering hole for proper exhaust gas flow.

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