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Gasket design - Sealing areas

I have just installed a set of the above mentioned intake gaskets on my SBC 350.
After torqued to spec, I was set to paint to cover up exposed gasket areas due to the cutaway of my edelbrock performer rpm.

What I noticed is that there are raised sealing lines that protrude next to 1,3 & 6,8 intake ports. Both are towards the center exhaust of the intake runners.
I can't understand WHY I didn't see them as I was installing the I was very meticulous in placing the exhaust restrictors, and RTV during installation. Now that everything is sealed, it's all I can see and I'm concerned that I did something incorrectly.  Confused
But I know I was looking at details...and if something wasn't right, I would have seen it!

So can you give me a clue as to what (if anything) should be done?
Also what are those sealing areas?
I was going to post a picture, but I don't have an HTP site to post it. Anyway a Fel Pro expert can hopefully answer this without a pic.



You're in good shape, don't worry!

Those raised sealing beads are for sealing the EGR passages on a stock intake manifold. The Edlebrock Performer manifold does not have an EGR provision so those sealing beads hang out past the manifold. The manifold will crush the beads down when torqued, and those beads won't cause an issue for you. Carry on with your project!

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