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Rear crank seal Conversion
We are a vintage car shop.  Sometimes we have to make new components for old engines which can be an opportunity to make improvements, like updating from a scroll oil slinger to a rubber seal.  I am having a new crankshaft made and would like to use the rear seal from a 6.2L GM diesel (BS40529).  I am changing the engine from babbitt bearings to the 6.2L GM bearings because they are the nearest to 3.100 housing bore that I can find.  After line boring I can make a new seal housing to use the BS40529 seal but I do not know the bore size and width needed and also I cannot find the seal area shaft size for the GM 6.2.  I don't really want to go searching for a used 6.2 just to tear it apart to measure it.  Can someone tell me where to find these specs?  Probably FelPro must have this info to make the seal.

Thank you.
Hi Veeman,

The specifications we have are as follows:
- Seal ID: 2.80”
- Shaft size 2.8335”-2.835”
- Seal OD 3.419”
- Seal width 0.225”
- Double lip design with no helix, viton

Sounds like a cool project, good luck!

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