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need SBC head gaskets .06 compressed thickness
hi guys thanks in advance for your time.  i just got done running the formulas, and I am finding that in order to keep my compression ratio on my LT1 with 53cc combustion chambers, zero deck, -16cc dish pistons, i will need a compressed head gasket thickness of .06"

do you guys make anything this thick that will be reliable or should i go with a larger dish?  i ask because i found a great deal on some overstock 16cc forged dish pistons.  thanks a lot
Hi Jesse,

Do you know the surface finish of your heads and block, or at least if they are suitable for MLS head gaskets?

We have a Performance MLS head gasket that's .061" thick: 1144-061:

The 13.9cc volume which should help you drop compression ratio even further.

If the sealing surfaces are not suitable for MLS gaskets, you can run a composite gasket and a spacer shim. This is not ideal, but if you have to get compression down it would work. All Fel-Pro Spacer shims are .020" copper, so you'd have more options as we offer many .039" and .041" composite head gaskets for the SBC. you can find the list and the specs here:

If you choose to go this route, you would want to use spray tack on the block side of the spacer shim only. Do not apply and sealants or adhesives to the Head gasket or the side of the shim that contact the head gasket.

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