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Oil pan gasket
My question in regaurds to a 1999 Mach4 Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0 liter. I have to replace my oil pan and I purchased on of your gaskets with it. Do I need any RTV, or high temp gasket sealant in addition when using the gasket?
Hi Skyler,

Which gasket set are you using, and what is the engine code? There are multiple options for the 2.0L engine depending on the engine code: The ABA 2.0L engine uses OS 30706 R and the AEG 2.0L engine uses OS 30708 R.

Neither gasket should have any type of RTV or other sealants applied to it, it must be installed clean and dry on clean and dry surfaces. However there may be locations on the engine block where a dab of RTV should be applied due to there being a joint in the sealing surface. Some RTV will get on the gasket when you install it which is ok, but not RTV should be applied to the gasket itself or the oil pan.

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