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Gasket material needed for plastic fuel tank
My boat has a plastic(?) fuel tank(not a perfectly smooth surface) and the original rubber gaskets have fallen apart.  I had some Karropak 3045 and gave that a try but it did not seal.  Would the thicker karropak work or would cork-rubber or rubber-fiber be better?  Also I would guess the original was probably 1/8", what thickness would you recommend?

Karropack would be the best material for this application. We offer Karropak in thicknesses up to 1/16", and do not recommend stacking gaskets or sheets as that's asking for a leak. Part # 3047 is a 12" x 36" sheet of 1/16" thick Karropak, you could give that a try.

If you do need material that is 1/8" (you want to go with the thinnest material possible that will seal), we do offer cork-rubber material in a 1/8" thick roll, part # 3007. It is 18" x 36".

Karropak will do a better job at providing a long-term seal for a gasoline application with today's fuels, so we strongly recommend using it if it works for your application.

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