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Felpro manifold gasket for Edlebrock P600
I have a Felpro 9344 metal type manifold gasket that was provided in a rebuild kit for my Chrysler Poly 318A (1964) engine. I have a Edlebrock P600 intake manifold to install.

Can you please advise how I should instal the metal gasket i.e.: do I do it dry or with some type of sealer?

Also at the valley ends, there are some rubber type sealing strips, however I have been advised that these are problematic to install and instead to use a 1/4" bead of RTV.

I do not believe there has been any machining done to the mating faces.


Hi Dave,

This intake gasket set is different from most of our sets in that you actually do need to apply sealant around the ports. To anyone else reading this, this is one of the few exceptions and the reason sealer should be used is due to the design of the intake gaskets for this application.

You can use brush-on high tack sealer on both sides of the gaskets around the intake ports. Apply a thin but even amount on both sides of the gaskets at the coolant ports.

The decision whether to use the rubber end seals depends on if machine work was done to the heads & block. Machining of the heads & block changes the angle the way the intake meets the heads. If just a minor cleanup cut was done to true up the surfaces – 0.0.10” total (heads & block together) or less, you won’t need to have the intake machined. If more than 0.010” was removed then the intake will need to be machined to ensure proper sealing. If the intake is not machined, the intake manifold will pinch the gaskets at the bottom of the ports and not clamp down enough along the top of the ports. Your machine shop will have a formula to know how much to machine the intake provided you give them how much was removed from the heads & block.

If you are unsure of how much machine work was done, the safest route would be to use RTV for the end seals. If the intake end seal gap is too tight, it will either extrude or split the end seals. RTV will conform to whatever the gap will be.

Since you are using an aftermarket intake, and we are not sure how close it is to the original casting, go with the RTV.

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