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BS40619 Rear Main Seal Installation
Installed BS40619 with sleeve. Installation went well but have some questions:

1. I have seen on some forums people use Permatex Ultra Black on the outer edge of the seal. I am guessing they mean the outside edge facing towards the block. Do you have any thoughts on this?

2. More of a curious question: Does the sleeve rotate with the crankshaft? I am assuming the seal does not rotate.

3. When I put the flywheel back on, would it help to rotate the flywheel by hand so the seal does not take the initial shock of the crankshaft spinning so fast?

1. It is not necessary or recommended to use RTV anywhere unless the repair manual specifies this should be done. The manual for this application doesn't call for a sealer of any type, so leave the seal and the surrounding area clean and dry.

2. The sleeve presses on to the crankshaft to provide a smooth surface for the seal lip to seal against. The sleeve rotates with the crankshaft.

3. Rotating the crankshaft by hand is not necessary, the seal will work just fine.
so you put the seal in then the sleeve? and you can see the wide end of the sleeve on the back end of the seal?
(07-05-2017, 06:30 PM)Guest Wrote: so you put the seal in then the sleeve? and you can see the wide end of the sleeve on the back end of the seal?


Ford has a special seal installer tool that installs the seal & sleeve at the same time. The part # for the tool is T95T-6701-A. If you try to drive the seal in, you will have to support both the seal & sleeve in such a way as to not have the sleeve damage the seal. You'll want to follow the directions in the repair manual for this procedure carefully. We cannot reprint the instructions as the repair manual procedures are copyright-protected.

Printed manuals can be purchased at your local auto parts stores or online. Electronic access to repair information can be purchased through a website such as

If you do not wish to purchase a manual, you can check with your local library as they may have a copy available.

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