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2001 Mercruiser 5.7L Head/Intake set
I have a 2001 Mercruiser 5.7L. Some Felpro gaskets are labeled 'stainless steel'. I purchased a set #260-1516M from Guardian Engine Kits (Amazon).  Magnets are attracted to the head gaskets which tells me they are not stainless.

Which Felpro gasket set do I need?
Hi George,

The 260-1516M gasket set is for Marine applications and includes 17030 Marine head gaskets. They are made from stainless steel - not all types of stainless steel are austenitic (non-magnetic), and some, including the grade of stainless these gaskets are made from, can become magnetic when "worked." The gaskets will still hold up to marine use, even in salt water applications.

You are good to go with the set that you have, so long as it is the correct set for your engine!

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