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Boiler Steam Flange Gasket Material
Would any Fel-Pro gaskets gaskets work in a pressurized steam environment? We run a biomass boiler at 125-200c (highest would be 300c) at 8-11 Bar (hydro-static tests to 18 bar) with anti-scaling chemicals added to the boiler's water. 

We're a small organic distillery down in the jungles of Belize so getting material is difficult. Some of our vendors here in country do carry Fel-Pro 3046 and we're looking to have something on hand for backup till our next container arrives. 

Hi Bruce,

We are still researching what the best material for this sort of application would be - this is a new type of application we hadn't previously considered. I hope to have some information for you soon, I will update this thread once I do. Thank you for your patience!


Karropak would probably be the best material for this application. 3046 is a 12" x 36" sheet of Karropak, and it is also available in larger rolls:

3053: 36” wide x 15 yard length
3043: 25 yard length
3033: 50 yard length

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