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Blower Case gasket material inquery
I drive a 2002 Chevy S10 currently in the process of a V8 swap. I have a blower case (gm part number 52474409) ready to be installed but the blower case gasket (gm part number 52457440) has since been discontinued. I have come to the conclusion I'm going to have to make my own, just curious as to what gasket material you would recommend for my application.

Hi Matt,

We looked the GM part # up to see what gasket you’re looking to find and it is a large gasket. Without knowing the dimensions, we're not sure if what we offer in sheet material will be wide enough. If our material is not large enough you may have to make 2 gaskets, an upper & lower half to make this work.

You could go with our rubber-fiber material which comes in a 25” x 25” sheet. the part # is 3149-1 for material that is 1/32” thick and # 3149-3 for material that is 1/16” thick. We also offer it in an 18”x36” sheet, part # 3137 for a 1/32” thick and # 3127 for 1/16” thick.

Another choice would be our rubber-cellulose material which comes in an 18” x 36” sheet. It is 3/64” thick. That part # is 3030.

We offer a kit for punching holes cleanly in our sealing materials. It is part # CK88.

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