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tty bolts
I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab with a 5.7 hemi.  It spun a rod bearing and I am rebuilding the motor.  This is the first hemi that I have ever worked on so I have been reading as much as I can about it.  I keep getting conflicting information about the main cap bolts and the piston rod bolts.  Some say they are tty and need to be replaced and others say that they can be reused.  I have looked for new bolts but I cannot find them anywhere.  Do they need  to be replaced, and if so, where can I get them.

I have already gotten a new set of head bolts, are there any other bolts on this motor that need to be replaced?

Thanks, Daniel
Hi Daniel,

The main cap bearing bolts are torque-to-angle (TTA), not torque-to-yield (TTY). The bolts get torqued to 20 ft. lbs. and then turned 90 degrees. The crossbolts require new sealing washers but the bolts do not need to be replaced. Rod bolts are often TTY and should be replaced upon removal.

If you do need replacement specialty bolts like these, the dealership is often your best best. Fel-pro provides head fasteners for most applications, and intake manifold fasteners for select applications, but we do not generally supply other bolts and fasteners.

We always recommend getting a manual for your application so you have all the torque specs, torque sequences and procedures needed to do the job correctly. It will also call out any bolts that should be replaced upon removal.

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