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ES 72173 sealant on bolts
Chevy 5.3 vortec 200. Allow me to tell my story. I carefully cleaned out the threads in my block with a thread chaser made of an old bolt (with ground groves in it) and compressed air. Then proceeded to reinstall my head and new felpro es72173 bolts. While attempting to thread them down snug without torquing them yet I was dismayed to find that some threaded easily all the way down while others bound up long before the bolt heads even met the cylinder head. Thinking that the sealant was at fault, I stopped and took them back out. It seemed to me that I couldn't possibly get accurately torqued bolts when some of them were binding and others not. I then proceeded to try and find the answer on Google and your forum but couldn't quite satisfy my concerns, only that I should only put oil under the head of these tty bolts with sealer preapplied because the sealant is taken into consideration for the torque number. My primary question is what kind of sealant can I use to replace the stuff that came preapplied? After removing my bolts, nearly all the new sealant was gone and I recleaned the threads in the block so now I have no sealant and would like to replace it before putting the bolts back in. 
Thank you
Hi Kyle,

You can use Permatex thread sealant with PTFE, part # 80632. Apply it to the bolt threads and thread them into place. Sealant on the threads is taken into consideration for the torque specifications.

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