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Which head gasket
I had a mark iv 454 in my boat with Merlin Grumpy Jenkins iron heads last year. Had to rebuild the bottom end, now have a gen 5 454 bored .060 over. Still using grumpy Jenkins iron heads. 

I used fel pro 17042 when installing the heads. I ended up with water in my oil. Someone said I needed a special head gasket for that block with those heads. 

Could you inform me what head gasket I need to use? 
Hi Kevin,

We don’t have any experience with their Jenkins heads. Many performance head and block manufacturers include us directly as they’re doing design work or at least make sure we have a head gasket that will work with their new designs.

Can you provide a part number for the heads being used? I can check to see if we have gaskets for them!
World Product 030620

Casting I-043C
(11-25-2016, 05:34 PM)Kevin M. Wrote: World Product 030620

Casting I-043C


Sorry we missed this post, we're guessing you got your answer through our replies to you questions in the other thread, but just in case:

World Product’s catalog states to use either 1027 or 1057 but neither of those gaskets are for marine applications so I would avoid those. Per their catalog, the 030620 heads will fit a Gen V block.

Our 1037 gasket is composite construction with a stainless steel core so it is suitable for marine applications.

If you had the block decked and the surface finish is 60 RA or less as well as the head surface finish being 60 RA or less, you could use a MLS head gasket. If that’s the case, you can use our 1071 head gasket. If the surface finish is not smooth enough or you are unsure, go with the 1037.

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