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Fuel Injector o-rings for Buick 3800 Supercharged engine
This regards a 1998 Buick Riviera, and a 1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra, both with the supercharged engine.  The GM manuals that I have, which were published about 10 years ago, indicate that two different types are o-rings are used on the fuel injectors,  A Brown colored ones for one end of the injector, and black colored ones for the other end.  It seems that the AC delco o-ring kit for both cars only has one color, black.  And Fell pro only has one o-ring kit ES-70599 for injector (same for both cars).  So my question is, can the o-rings from your kit ES-70599 be used on both ends of the fuel injectors for these cars?   Thanks!
Hi Hal,

At that time, GM used brown Viton O-ring for the end of the injector that was inserted into the fuel rail. The other end received the black O-ring. The black O-rings we offer can be safely and confidently used at either end of the fuel injectors.

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