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88 Camaro 2.8 V6 Egr tube gasket
I am working on my 88 Camaro with a 2.8 V6. The upper plenum will have to be removed two or three times as I chase a dead cylinder problem. I will need to replace the EGR tube gasket at the upper plenum at least twice but it isn't available locally. You show it as a part of head gasket set HS 8699 PT-6. Can you sell me a couple of those EGR tube gaskets individually so I don't have to buy the whole set for one gasket?
Hi Dave,

It sounds like you’re chasing a dead injector issue. It the engine still runs and you have not torn it down yet, have you listened to the injectors with a stethoscope or long screwdriver to your ear to see if they are clicking while the engine is running? That may save you multiple teardowns. You can also use an ohm meter to test the resistance of the injectors. While this is not always a foolproof test, if the injector resistance is way off from the spec, it needs to be replaced.

Send us an email to and mention this thread, we may be able to help you out.

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