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Gasket Packaging
Felpro gaskets are sold with a dire warning on the packaging that there are no returns on open packages. I work in the aftermarket and few customers have enough information about the exact part number they need to do a repair without needlessly opening the box.  Differential cover gaskets are the worst in this.

Please address the fact that in most cases, there is a question of fit that can really only be done visually.  I suggest that either packaging show a "what you see is what you get" full size picture or have a transparent window in order to allow for matching the needed gasket.
Hi Allen,

Pictures of all of our products are available at! You can also find detailed fitment information to confirm fitment for a particular application through is our electronic catalog and is an excellent resource because product information and images can be updated and new products added much more quickly than print.

Part number-specific packaging would mean having tens of thousands of different boxes, which isn't practical.

We considered a "window" in the packaging a while back but determined it would be largely ineffective as parts are separated by fillers (pieces of cardboard, paper, or other materials). The fillers are in place to protect parts from one another. Also, because many gasket have points or edges, there’s a decent chance that the components would rip through the window.

The “Not Returnable if Opened” warning is on the box to prevent sets from being purchased and opened up, having parts “borrowed” or swapped out, and then returned. This is why we strongly recommend using the pictures on to identify and match up parts whenever possible.

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