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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register?

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Q: Where is my post?

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Q: How long should I expect to wait for my question to be answered?

A: The Fel-Pro Technical Forum is monitored from approximately 8:30am-4:30pm EST, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

We try to answer all forum questions within one business day, although this is not always possible. A team of Fel-Pro employees in all areas of the company provide input and answers to the questions posted on this forum. Sometimes a question generates a lot of input or requires research on our end, which can delay response time. If a question will take more than a few days to answer, we may approve your post to let you know we're working on it. 

Q: Where are the installation instructions for my gasket set?

A: All Fel-Pro gaskets are designed to be installed exactly as described in the repair manual for the application unless otherwise noted by a Fel-Pro FIT Form that would be included with the gasket set (many gaskets sets do not contain fit forms because they are to be installed exactly as directed by the repair manual). FIT Forms (for sets that contain one) can also be found online by entering the part # into our digital catalog search bar at, opening the page with the part, expanding the "Other Media" tab and clicking on the "Installation Sheet" link.

We only provide instructions in our gasket sets when the installation procedure differs from the repair manual procedure or when special information regarding the gasket(s) is needed. This is because the information and procedures in the repair manual are copyright-protected, so we are not able to reprint them. We strongly recommend using the latest edition of the repair manual for your application to ensure you have the correct torque specifications, sequence, and other procedures to ensure a reliable repair. 

Printed manuals can be purchased at your local auto parts stores or online. Electronic access to repair information can be purchased through a website such as 

If you do not wish to purchase a manual, you can check with your local library as they may have a copy available.

Q: Do I need to apply RTV, sealer, adhesive, etc. to my gasket?

A: Almost all Fel-Pro gaskets are to be installed clean and dry with no sealers or adhesives. In general, any Fel-Pro PermaTorque head gasket should be installed clean and dry. Some Fel-Pro shim head gaskets for older applications (usually 1950's and older) may require a sealer, but even then, sealer may not be required, depending on if the gasket is coated. 

Some applications require a small amount of RTV in specific locations prior to gasket installation, but the RTV should not be applied to the gasket itself. Locations that require sealer will be called out by the repair manual for that application. They are usually areas where components meet, forming a joint in the sealing surface, for example where an oil pump, timing cover, or rear main bearing cap meet the engine block above the oil pan gasket. 

Multi-piece gaskets, such as 4-piece oil pan gaskets or intake manifold gaskets with end seals should have a small dab of RTV applied where the gaskets meet, but only enough to prevent any potential leaks from the seam where the gaskets meet. Using too much can result in the ends slipping out of place or splitting, resulting in a leak.